Wednesday, 27 April 2011


not going as planned!
I though a new place to share my blogging would inspire me to write again. Seems this hasnt been the case.
But surprise surprise today I find the urge to put fingers to keyboard. and the reason? well I have a mountain of important phonecalls to make and an assignment to write!
and as I dusted my skirtinbg boards whenI last had something to do they dont need doing again for another, let me see, 5 years.

OK back to the phone and essay writing!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

15 years ago

I was coming out of the other side of a bitter marriage seperation, with a small child to look after.

Then I met Mr.B and life became good again. After far too many years we had 2 more children and got married and my life was complete.

The icing on the cake was being accepted to train as a midwife - a life times ambition!

and then in December 2009 Mr.B told me he wasnt happy, he didnt love me, and didnt want to stay with me anymore.

and so here I am coming out the other side of a marriage seperation, with 3 children to look after. Except I amnot coming out the other side yet I am still very much finding my way through a dark maze of emotions. Some of which scare the life out of me, and others confuse me, whilst most leave me feeling so very very sad.

This blog may be happy at times, but I think it will mostly be sad and angry ramblings.

But one thing's for sure its time to get on with my life and finally find Kirsty.