Saturday, 21 July 2012

Social Networking

Do you?
facebook, twitter, bbm, kik, whatsapp......
all these places to communicate, network and chat.
On the whole people I encounter are lovely many of who I chat to I already know in 'the flesh'
some I have chatted to only online, but have so much fun and they are interesting a witty people
on the whole

but boy oh boy it can be a weird place.......

you cannot be easily offended, or shocked, in my opinion. It seems folks have a bravado online which makes them say things I am not sure they would say normally..... or maybe they would - who am I to say?

How do you sort out the good guys from the rest? I don't know yet, trial and error? Be careful what you say, don't rise to the bait of the 'trolls' and be careful what you share with others.

That's the best place to start....

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