Monday, 20 August 2012


With the final result of my final piece of academic work released today I have officially completed my course.

Bsc Honours

wow - 3 long hard years, finished.  At times I thought it would kill me - seriously
questioned my sanity many many times

with hindsight would I do it again? no - most definitely not. The course is the hardest thing I have ever done, and even now after completing and having a job to go to I am not sure I feel the love of it.  Time will tell I guess. but right now I am terrified of working as a newly qualified. it seems this is normal, it seems all finalists feel this.

Dreams - weird dreams - of making terrible mistakes or being in terrible situations that cant be resolved.

waking in a cold sweat screaming and crying.

I hope this all passes

But for now I am going to enjoy my Annual Leave and try not to think about starting work too much!

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  1. You are amazing :-) It's been a real privilege to watch you do this, and I'm *so* proud that you stuck at it - this post really doesn't do justice to the amount of struggling and effort you put into it. The courage you've shown to get through it is humbling - and you thoroughly deserve that BSc :-D