Friday, 23 March 2012

Proud of my kids I am

yup really, little buggers they are. Drive me nuts most the time. But proud I am!

Biggest daughter has grown into a beautiful young woman, and despite the shocking commute hangs on to her job - not another unemployment statistic there, I am proud to say!

Middle girl, although she has her problems she does some very brave things - this week she not only took part in a multiple schools choir, but on the stage in front of 100's of strangers she stood up and spoke some lines - *bursts with pride*

Yesterday another Mum at school asked me if I was smallest childs mum, yeeeeees replies I, thinking what has she done now? I can tell you look alike replies the mum. Then she proceeds to tell me she had smallest child in her group onn school trip this week and what a delightful child she is - *yup totally proud popping going on here*!

Life might not be easy as a ingle Mum (yuck I hate writing that) but the rewards are so huge that sometimes its O.K

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