Thursday, 29 March 2012

Sunny Days and Exams

So the weather has changed again! My first mother in law (o yeas there have been 2!) is from Guyana, she once commented that we don't have a climate in the UK we have weather - I am inclined to agree.
The girls spent the weekend with their dad, and when I packed last Tuesday (OK well in advance but I had to be organised last week!) the weather was - well - dull! come the weekend the poor kids didn't have light clothes, sandals, sun hats, suncream........
Mr.B managed to get them has, but despite my suggestion he picked some other stuff up eldest daughter went to school on Monday with ugg style boots on and no sunhat *sigh*

never mind all sorted now, a mad dash into the loft on Monday evening resulted in summer school dresses for them both! Of course, middle child has now been off sick for 2 days so we haven't had much chance to enjoy the sun. But the guinea pigs have and I love getting the laundry on the line.

So the reason for Mr.B having the girls for a long weekend was for some last minute revision for me. Monday was my OSCE exams *gulp* . Knowing only we would have to deal with 2 emergency midwifery skills and one clinical skill - there was a lot to revise. Monday morning found me a quivering wreck! one neonatal resus, one pph, an aeseptic fse application and 3 hours later and it was over. Time will tell if I have done enough to pass, I am quietly confident that I was fine on exam 2 and 3 but am worried about my performance in the first one. Nerves got the better of me and tears were rolling down my cheeks as I was trying to revive a flat doll!

So off to Triage on Tuesday for a weeks placement, basically dealing with woman as they arrive at the maternity unit on an unplanned admission - we monitor, clerk and send to the correct part of the unit. We were quiet, there were no other students, one of our ladies decided she wasn't unwell but in advanced labour (OK so she didn't decide her body did) and I delivered her - it was amazing, wonderful, incredible, awesome and a massive cure for the negativity a previous mentor had given me! and so unexpected - hello baby number 31! nearly there.

So whats left?

half of a practice based assessment
3 x 1000 word reflective essays
a CV
a personal statement
13 weeks practice
10,000 dissertation
3 more antenatal checks (to get to 100)
9 more deliveries
5 more care in labour
47 more post natal checks (to make 100)
38 new born checks (to make - guess what? - 100!)
19 hand expressing care
13 more 'skills' to sign off

and a job to get ;/

wow so achievable (except maybe the last one, jobs are thin on the ground)

so close now people, so close now!

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