Sunday, 29 April 2012

21 + 9 dAYS!

Today has not been such a productive day, dissertation wise.

Not a good start when I found NITS crawling through smallest child's hair at 8am!

So a swimming lesson, a bath, and a wet comb later and despite getting up at 7am its time to cook lunch.

finally sit down to do some work, with constant interruptions, at 2.30pm *sigh*

but that's OK, I have critiqued a 4th article, and my innovation is looking well supported, and have written a further 450 words.  making a total of  3,078 - getting there

I am a bit confused about where I am getting to tonight.  chatting to some other dissertating girls on my course, we all seem to have been given different advice from out own supervisors.  Who got the right advice I wonder?!

Good Night

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