Monday, 16 April 2012

mmmm who would blog?

interesting question. I was talking about my blog to a couple of colleagues today, they asked me what I write about.

I tried to explain, when in my head all I kept thinking was 'TWADDLE'!

I started blogging way back when Mr.B and me were planing our wedding, as a way of keeping my thoughts straight and letting everyone know how the plans were going.

this blog doesn't seemed to have evolved into anything yet - its neither a progress blog, nor a boasting blog, nor a very helpful blog.

I don't think it really makes for riveting reading either - mostly. I must say some interesting things because I do get hits *hello whoever*

what would you like to read about? I can be whatever you want me to be, no that sounds just plain wrong. I like blogging, I can let my mind wander and I find it helps give me clarity of thought.

I have written so many blog posts, in my head, usually whilst driving - I need to those down on 'paper' and out there into the blogasphere - because in my mind they are witty and fab posts.

Now what was I saying? O yeah, who would blog?
I guess its people like me, who like the sound of their own thoughts and think their opinions matter!

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  1. In my head I have the most fantastic blog to rival Attic 24 - in reality, erm not so much! You write what you like- it is your space!