Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Day in Tweets

Lovely sparkly scout hut. 1 hour 4 mummies and a daddy (and 2 small people) come on everyone time to for something

says it all if you ask me!

*gulp* just made my world famous macaroni cheese and i can't have any!

thank you meet me outside kurk geigers in an hour and we can get the other. Bring your wallet

My daughter just told me i am too old to have a boyfriend. Great way to make me feel good

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. M Thatcher. she wasn't my favourite person but thems wise words

hushhhhh you dont want them to stamp on your parcel!

shame on you that's nothing to be proud of. And squeeze and release and squeeze and release and repeat!

morning sickness and a weak pelvic floor. Superb result!

are they a good size? last show home i visited you couldn't get down stairs if the loo door was open!

I think i have my innovation and o boy it excites me!

O I am so very glad I opted to do the OPTIONAL Honours module *sigh* hell!

and that is why I stopped visiting them, they make me feel like an inadequate slut

for my masters I will be exploring the question do dissertations make you fat - I suspect my conclusion will be yes!

indeed it will, but what will come first my word limit or submission time?!

do it or get a nags head in ur bed@daddacool for The Big Turn on. See his profile here:

Blast have lost my lottery ticket its ok though it was a lucky dip so i would have no idea if i won or not!

ordinary geek? dont put yourself down - I hereby name you supergeek!

Its really not nice out there tonight :-\

Wow I talk some rubbish at times! interesting to look back on a snippet of your thoughts and emotions throughout the day though.  I will look back in 10 years and think - well I will think what was I thinking!

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